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Julian Parrott portrait

Julian Parrott

I’m proud of our team, the business we have built and the work we do
Martin Wight portrait

Martin Wight

Like minded clients, like minded staff and a lovely part of town - what could be better? Well actually the commute!
Daniel MacAskill portrait

Daniel MacAskill

Practice Manager
I like working somewhere that places values at the forefront of all decision making
Fiona Lind portrait

Fiona Lind

I like working in a company which is fair and open with their employees and whose ethical business practices benefit their clients and the community.
Andy Wilson portrait

Andy Wilson

Trainee Paraplanner
I enjoy working for a company which has a strong ethical foundation and which applies honesty and fairness to its relationships with employees and clients.
Lewis Borrowman portrait

Lewis Borrowman

I’ve been lucky enough to be given a chance to experience Ethical Futures as part of my study program and I’m delighted to be offered first hand insight into ethical investment in a friendly and helpful environment where making a positive impact is important.
Helen Robertson portrait

Helen Robertson

I enjoy working together with people with shared interests and shared beliefs
Ashley Gillie portrait

Ashley Gillie

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