Kames Capital Ethical Survey

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Kames capital have recently published a survey regarding their ethical investment criteria. Kames capital are a subsidiary of Aegon and are based at the Gyle in Edinburgh. They are one of the longest established providers of ethical investment funds. In terms of the range of investment providers available in the market, we have always seen them as a traditional and strongly screened ethical investment fund. By this we mean that their investment funds will invest across a wide range of sectors, but subject to clear avoidance criteria for areas of concern to many clients. The fund has featured fairly rare exclusion of sectors and activities such as banks, political donations, genetic modification and gene patenting as well as animal welfare criteria which extends to a ban on businesses selling meat products which effectively make it a suitable investment fund for vegans and vegetarians.

Because of the combination of both strong screens and strong long-term investment performance, Kames funds will often feature in our client portfolios. We therefore thought it would be appropriate to highlight this survey to you – so that you can have your own say with regards to their current screening policy. If you are interested, please click the link and respond. take the survey

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