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We thought you'd like to get to know our new financial planner, Shane Presley. So, Marian, our marketing and communications assistant, had a chat with him to find out more.

How long have you been a financial planner?

I have worked in financial services since graduating over 30 years ago and been a financial planner for 16 yearsAs a professional planner I like to gain deep insight into the lives of my clients, focusing more on what the money is for and less on their money 

Why did you decide to become a financial planner?  

I was always strong with numbers and interested in investment but also curious about people and their lives.  

The ‘art and science’ of financial planning provides stimulating work and fits me well. It’s technically challenging as you have to be on top of tax, investments and complicated products like pensions as well as trusts 

But there is also a softer side, engaging with people and dealing with their lives and transitions which needs empathy and creativity.  I aim to help clients better understand themselves and what matters most in their lives before I advise on financial matters 

What is your preferred area of finance?

I enjoy the ‘big picture’ planningBuilding a proper strategy can take a lot of time and effort but I love that challenge of getting a client on track for the big things that really matter. 

Helping build the futures my clients want and exploring the possibilities they can have is hugely satisfying. The planning process can be life changing for many clients.  

Why have you chosen to specialise in ethical finance?   

I have gravitated over recent years to more ‘responsible’ investments both personally and professionally. When I asked clients about their thoughts they’ve tended to say yes – most do care where their money is invested and want to avoid nasty stuff. I enjoy opening that conversation up to help clients be more aware of their values and preferences to make better decisions 

I also believe that the ‘transition’ to a greener economy is one of the best investment opportunitiesMark Carney, John Kerry and others have talked of a great commercial opportunity from the transformation required in coming years for net zeroThose businesses that will provide the solutions for the transition will be very attractive for investors as well as essential for the future of the planet.  

What drew you to Ethical Futures?  

I was keen to be part of a highly ethical firm and EF’s culture aligns well with my values and planning led approach to adviceI’d been aware of EF’s strong reputation and was impressed with how they were growing steadily and with such a wide diversity of loyal clients.    

I think EF has so much potential with its ethical specialism and the broader shift in attitudes in how we all spend and liveInvestment advisers can be a force for positive change and it’s such an exciting area but with so many complexities too 

EF can continue to grow with the surging demand for a service that connects to what’s important in our lives.  

What do you like doing outside of work?   

I keep myself busy with tennis, golf and occasional mountain biking with my 2 boys.  

Work Experience

I have worked in financial services for 30 years since graduating (in Mathematics). With experience across a range of professional service firms including an accountancy practice, private client solicitors and a national wealth manager.    

My last role was with Lloyd and Whyte, an independent advice firm who advised healthcare professionals, mainly doctors, dentists and vets all across Scotland.   

Prior to that I was a financial planner at Close Brothers Asset Management based in Edinburgh.   


I have developed skills and professional qualifications to a high level:    

  • As a Chartered Financial Planner I have passed exams across investment, pensions, tax planning and trusts. Being Chartered means I am committed to maintaining the highest level of professional service and ethics and keeping my technical knowledge continually up to date.  

  • I also hold Certified Financial PlannerTM  status, an internationally recognised qualification recognised as the gold standard for the practice of financial planning. CFPTM professionals must place the interest of clients first, always act fairly, diligently and with integrity, and offer services that are objective and based on clients’ needs to achieve better outcomes. 

  • During the lockdown period I gained a coaching qualification from The Animas school of Coaching.   These skills can help clients better understand their possibilities and what’s really important in their lives.  It can bring them clarity and achieve more motivation to make the positive change they want 


We hope that gives you an idea of who Shane is and why we're so excited to welcome him to the team. If you'd like to learn more about him, you can have a look at his LinkedIn profile here.

It is important to take professional advice before making any decision relating to your personal finances. Information within this article does not provide individual tailored investment advice and is for guidance only. We cannot assume legal liability for any errors or omissions it might contain. Ethical Futures llp is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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