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Jonathan &
Susan Adler

10 years with Ethical Futures
Advice service: Select

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Jonathan and Susan Adler, self-employed designer and Doctor. They have two children.

10 years with Ethical Futures
Advice service: Select
Other services used: Assess

Jonathan and Susan are a working couple with two young children. They initially approached Ethical Futures for advice about investing ethically. Now their circumstances are changing they are using additional services.

Why did you think you needed a financial adviser? What were your expectations?
I was particularly interested in investing ethically but didn't feel I had enough knowledge to do it myself.

Why have you chosen EF?
I live nearby; I liked the look of the place, so I looked up what they did and made an appointment.

Over the years, the recommended investments have performed well, so I am happy with the advice, very happy, that’s why I keep going back.


Why is ethical investment important to you?
I like the idea that my investment money is focussed in worthwhile areas and away from traditional, harmful industries. There are certain types of industries that I don't want to support with my money; ethical investment is a way of being able to avoid doing that.

What were your ethical criteria in choosing EF?
Investing in defence and tobacco industries are my main concern. I didn't have a specific idea of where I wanted to put my money I just knew what I wanted to avoid.


How did EF help you tackle your financial problems/make financial decisions/simplify your life?

It was a very easy, straightforward and smooth process. I went to see them, discussed what I wanted to do and had it done. It is putting your investment in the right hands. Somebody else is managing my investment and dealing with all the details.


What benefits have you seen from using EF services? How was your experience with EF?
They did exactly what I wanted to do, which was that I simply told them what the situation was and listened to their advice. I was confident in the advice that I was given. The recommended investments have performed well, so I am happy with the advice, very happy - that's why I keep going back.

What were you able to achieve as a consequence of service provided by EF?
Peace of mind, I know my money is in a good place. We feel comfortable that our finances are looked after and invested in ways that we feel happy with.


What further goals you wish to achieve in the future?
Stability for the future, foundation for children's education, support in retirement, security.


We would like to thank Jonathan and Susan Adler for contributing their experience with us.

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