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Walt Hopkins, Management Consultant

10 years with Ethical Futures
Advice service: Plan

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10 years with Ethical Futures
Advice service: Plan
Other services used: Assess and Select

Walt works as a management consultant. He approached Ethical Futures to get advice on pensions and investments to build up capital that would help him to have an income when he retires. He also wanted to make a significant gift to his college in the USA and to leave something to his step-children and grandchildren.

Why did you think you needed a financial adviser? What were your expectations?
I was interested in the ethical part of it, but whereas my wife Rosie had previous advisors helping her, I am an independent consultant and I had not had an adviser for some years.

I was investing my money in the business or giving it to good causes. I would go into debt and then pay off that and go into debt again. The shift when Julian arrived was that he encouraged me to consider that maybe in my 60s I should actually be thinking about investing in my own future. The way it has worked for me in the past ten years is that I have built up funds that will give me an income when I retire as well as providing for my step-children and grandchildren, while also enabling me to make a significant gift to the College of Wooster on the occasion of the 50th reunion of my Class of 1966.

Why have you chosen EF?
One thing that appeals to me is that Ethical Futures is a small operation. I speak to Julian directly and that matches how I operate my own business. I know it’s his business; I know that I’m talking to the person who’s going to make the decisions and do the stuff. The immediacy of personal contact and the informality is very reassuring.


I think that what Julian has done for me, is simplifying my life and making me relax. He is helping me build up enough money to live on, to give away and to stop me from giving it away before I had it!


Why is ethical investment important to you?
What were your ethical criteria in choosing EF?
Weapons are right at the top of the list of things I wouldn’t invest in. Fairtrade, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, child labour, slave labour, there’s so much to watch. I am investing money in my college in US to support the education for leaders of tomorrow, so I’m supporting tuition for them. I am also working on education in this country by fighting to keep education free.  Number one passion for me is education. Another one would be environment; I am investing in a local renewable energy project within half mile.


How did EF help you tackle your financial problems/make financial decisions/simplify your life?
I think that what Julian has done for me is simplifying my life and helping me relax. He has encouraged me to build up enough money to give away—and he has stopped me from giving it away before I have it!


What benefits have you seen from using EF service?
Julian has helped me focus my priorities for giving. I was going to leave a legacy to my college as well as to my family, but I am increasingly concerned about providing for my step-children and grandchildren. Julian helped me work out a way to give a significant tax-efficient gift to my US college now—on the occasion of my 50th Reunion—and then shift all of the legacy to my family and local charities. At the same time he has helped me make sure that I have enough to live on in the meantime. It hadn’t occurred to me, to shift things around that way.


What further goals you wish to achieve in the future?
The future is being sure that the kids are going to be all right.


We would like to thank Walt for contributing his experience with us.

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