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Are your existing policies and investments still good value?


A structured review process, considering value for money of current policies, as well as the ethical dimension where appropriate.

What does it consist of:

  • Gather information about your plans, but also your objectives, ethics and attitude to risk.
  • Prepare detailed policy information on charges, features and benefits.
  • Analyse data and compare with similar plans available on the market.
  • Provide specific recommendations as to retention, transfer or sale, based on cost and benefits.

What sort of policies do you ASSESS?

We will assess any financial plan that you need us to as part of the advice process. This could include:-

  • Cash savings & deposits
  • Cash or stocks & shares ISA's
  • Unit trusts & OEICs'
  • Existing collective or discretionary investment portfolios
  • Investment bonds
  • Endowment policies
  • Personal or stakeholder pensions
  • Life assurance policies
  • Critical illness and income protection policies

Who might use it?

Any client who is unsure whether an existing policy or investment is ethical or if they are good value for money.


After an Assess analysis you will either have peace of mind over suitability or will be advised how to improve things. This might save you money, give you better benefits – or simply a more ethical investment.

This service will often be used in tandem with the Select service, where Assess is the first stage of a policy analysis and transfer process, with Select representing the selection of a replacement plan.

ASSESS helps you decide if existing plans still meet your needs

  • Structured analysis & evaluation
  • Impartial and objective
  • Clarity about features, benefits and ethics
  • Measurement of costs and performance
  • Whole of market review
  • Product focussed
  • ‘Best advice’
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  • Client centred
  • Strategic planning
  • Focussed on life goals
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Client testimonial

I had a financial advisor before, but I don’t think he really got the measure of what I wanted. He put money into mutual funds and thought that was adequate care. What I was looking for was someone who was paying attention to the companies I was investing in.

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