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A service that helps you plan your ethical future and realise your aspirations.


Plan is for people who are at a stage in their lives where they want to make plans for their personal future. It helps you take stock of the financial 'baggage' you've accumulated and to consider what actions you need to take to achieve your aims.

Plan is the first step in a more holistic approach to managing your money. It helps you take control and set a course for the future. One of the most common questions we are asked is "have I got enough?" - Plan helps you answer that question.

What sort of policies and investments does it cover?

Plan is people centred. It looks at you, your hopes and aspirations for the future. Then we review these in light of your budget, timescales and any existing policies and investments. So, although we are really looking at your goals, we will also consider the 'tools' to help you get there.

This means that we review a wide range of financial products, such as; life assurance, health & income protection, savings, ISA's, pensions, investment portfolios and occupational benefits.

What planning areas does it cover?

Plan can be focused or holistic, dependent on your needs.

We can look at specific areas like, protecting your family in the event of death or ill health, saving a nest egg for a future expense, planning for retirement, investing for income or growth, providing for long term care or inheritance tax and estate planning.

What does the service consist of?

We will have an extensive discussion with you, considering your current situation and your plans for the future. Having identified specific goals or objectives, we then carry out a detailed assessment of your current financial position to assess if you are on track to meet future objectives. If not, we'll recommend actions to help you get there.

In the process of doing so, we will;

  • Gather information about your plans, aspirations, ethical concerns and attitude to risk.
  • Prepare a summary appraisal of current policies and investments.
  • Use cash flow analysis to demonstrate possible scenarios.
  • Provide a report showing objectives that are 'on target' and identify potential shortfalls.


  • A clear plan for the future
  • Peace of mind and feeling of control
  • Clarity as to actions required

This service may be used as the first stage of an advice process that may also include detailed policy analysis using Assess and/or product recommendation using Select.

Use PLAN to focus on your future

  • Client centred
  • Strategic planning
  • Focussed on life goals
  • Structured analysis & evaluation
  • Impartial and objective
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  • Whole of market review
  • Product focussed
  • ‘Best advice’
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Client testimonial

One thing that appeals to me is that Ethical Futures is a small operation. I speak to Julian directly and that matches how I operate my own business. I know it’s his business; I know that I’m talking to the person who’s going to make the decisions and do the stuff. The immediacy of personal contact and the informality is very reassuring.

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