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Searching the market for products to meet your values and needs.


Select is a structured approach to choose the most suitable policy or investment. We will carry out an independent search of the market, considering your needs, budgets and ethical concerns, to find the right option for you.

What does it consist of:

Gather information about your plans, objectives, ethical concerns and attitude to risk.
Consider all relevant service /policy options, including what not to select & why.
Analyse and compare data on relevant policy & services. 
Provide specific recommendations, confirm reasons for suitability.
Present to client & where relevant implement and administer plan.

Who might use it?

Any clients who want us to help them in selection of a suitable policy or investment. This may include those who have come through a Plan or Assess stage of advice.

What sort of plans can you SELECT and recommend?

We are independent financial advisers and so, can select products from the whole market. However, as we have a policy of only advising on investments that are ethically screened or responsibly and sustainably invested. There are some areas of the financial market that do not have a formal 'ethical' offering – but we will work with you in these situations to discuss what is best for you.

The type of plans recommended could include:

  • Ethical ISA's
  • Ethical pensions
  • Ethical, sustainable and responsible investment funds
  • Ethical discretionary management services
  • Self invested personal pensions (SIPP) with ethical options
  • Ethically screened investment bonds
  • Ethical savings plans
  • Ethical deposit accounts
  • Life assurance
  • Critical illness and Income protection policies
  • Specialist investments such as VCT's, EIS and Social Investment Tax Relief funds


It's surprising how often people have been meaning to get around to arranging something – so there is often a sense of achievement and peace of mind. Hopefully, we have also saved you time, and helped you avoid making costly mistakes and contributed to a more ethical world.

SELECT considers costs, benefits and your values.

  • Whole of market review
  • Product focussed
  • ‘Best advice’
  • Ethical screening
  • Structured analysis & evaluation
  • Impartial and objective
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  • Client centred
  • Strategic planning
  • Focussed on life goals
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Client testimonial

Over the years, the recommended investments have performed well, so I am happy with the advice, very happy, that’s why I keep going back.

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