Ethical Futures Client Survey 2019

A changing industry – time for a Green Gilt and Responsible Property funds?

In a constantly evolving investment landscape - we see that clients retain strong concerns about avoiding dirty industry and controversial business sectors. However, they increasing want to see positively focussed funds that are actively engaging to improve corporate conduct and invest in solutions for the future. This reflects the growing trend toward positive funds,

Investors are increasingly open to assets such as Gilt’s(77%) and commercial property (69%), previously considered beyond the pale for ethical investors – the important caveat being that they mitigate investment risk but also that they should be equally subject to strong scrutiny for positive benefit. Investors would certainly welcome a ‘Green Gilt’.

ESG purveyors beware - clients are savvy – they know greenwash when they see it and still want core avoidance criteria, no fossil fuels and positive stock selections.


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