Developments at Ethical Futures

Developments at Ethical Futures

Despite the easing of lockdown we are still working remotely. This has been in line with Scottish Government guidelines, in which the easing on non-essential office work only commenced on 1st August. In the past few months, we have taken a number of actions, which will both ease a return to work but also make it easier to work remotely. These include changes in server and data management, a review of workflow and systems and the gradual introduction of a new client portal and secure messaging system. In terms of our physical office, we have removed eight filing cabinets, six computers and peripherals (all of which have been recycled) and have scanned to digital records over 75,000 paper documents from files.

We have used the extra space to create a more pleasant but also socially distant ‘Covid aware’ work and meeting place for staff and clients. As yet we have no set timetable for a phased return, but we will keep you posted

Demand for our services continues to be strong and to reflect this we have taken various steps to help strengthen our team. We engaged Aimee Scanlin as an administrator at the beginning of the year on a temporary contract. Despite the difficulties of working remotely, we value her additional input into the team and are pleased to confirm that we appointed her as a permanent member of the team in July. As previously mentioned, we have also sought to add to our resource by engaging the services of Alan Whittle to help provide compliance, business process and audit support.

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