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Should I start a charitable foundation? image

Should I start a charitable foundation?

We are once again grateful to bring you a guest blog post from Lauren Janus of Thoughtful Philanthropy. This time she explores some of the reasons you may consider setting up a charitable foundation through analysis of the potential challenges and benefits.

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Improving Investment Markets – MiFID II image

Improving Investment Markets – MiFID II

You wait for ages for consumer legislation…then two pieces come along at once! That’s a bit what it has felt like to be a financial adviser over the last 12 months. The current notifications about GDPR highlight the most impactful update on use of personal data for 20 years, but there is another equally important,…

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GDPR – How we manage your data image

GDPR – How we manage your data

On 25th May 2018, new data protection regulations come into force. By now there surely can be few people in the UK who have not been touched in some way by organisations preparing for the introduction of these new rules.  GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and applies to every company in the world that operates in the European Union and uses personal data. The regulations cover…

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Cofunds merger with Aegon – your questions answered image

Cofunds merger with Aegon – your questions answered

As many of our clients will know, in common with most advisory firms, Ethical Futures tends to make use of investment platforms to manage our clients investments.

An investment platform, sometimes known as a wrap or fund supermarket, is simply an administration service to help simplify the management of investment funds and keep them all in one place. This type of service allows us to hold…

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Merry Christmas From Ethical Futures. image

Merry Christmas From Ethical Futures.

We are giving our staff a hard earned rest and will be closed for some of the Festive Season, details below.

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This is the year to try #GivingTuesday. Here’s how. (Guest Blog) image

This is the year to try #GivingTuesday. Here’s how. (Guest Blog)

At Ethical Futures, we are not just all about making money but also thinking about how you use it and how you can help others. We recently met with @laurenjanus of Thoughtful Philanthropy who helps people structure their giving in a way that truly reflects their intentions. We thought it might be interesting for our clients to hear more about this and also the forthcoming "#GivingTuesday."

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What’s in a name? image

What’s in a name?

The merry go round of investment company ownership continues apace. We recognise that this can be unsettling for clients, so we shall try to update you on the most recent changes and our thoughts about what this means for you as investors. In most cases, it is simply a matter of company brand vanity and ‘rebadging’ with the new owners name but in other instances – there are likely to be more material outcomes and we will continue to monitor these situations.

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Have You Got a Will? November Is Will Aid Month image

Have You Got a Will? November Is Will Aid Month

This November, you can ask a Will Aid solicitor to write or update your will in return for a voluntary donation to charity. There are nine charities in partnership including actionaid, British Red Cross and Save the Children. Regardless of how much wealth you consider yourself to have, or at what stage of life you are at it is vital to make a will and keep it up to date as circumstances change.

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Temporary Email Outage 20th October image

Temporary Email Outage 20th October

Please note: We shall be changing our email server over the weekend commencing Friday 20th October. There is a risk that we shall lose some incoming emails over this period, therefore please do not send us any emails form 12.00 noon on Friday 20th October. If you do send us an email and do not…

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Good Money Week 2017 image

Good Money Week 2017

We are delighted to announce that we will once again be sponsoring Church of Scotland’s Good Money Week event. This year Good Money Week runs from the 8th until the 14th of October. Find out more information below. You can reserve a space at the event on Thursday 12th of October from here:

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Election Comment image

Election Comment

With the ramifications of last night’s election vote still being assessed, the popular phrase ‘Keep Calm & Carry on’ continues to ring true for your investments. Portfolios recommended by Ethical Futures are structured to reflect your personal tolerance for volatility and also your own capacity for loss. As investment managers tend to take a more ‘defensive’ approach ahead of elections and, as the…

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Ethical Fund Manager Meetings image

Ethical Fund Manager Meetings

For a small business – we have good and regular access to high level fund management. This reflects on the fact that as specialists, these managers know that we are a conduit for understanding clients concerns, as well as the managers knowing that we will be interested in their story.

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