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Take Care - Be Scammer Aware image

Take Care - Be Scammer Aware

As if dealing with impacts of Coronavirus is not enough, the crime economy seems to be thriving – at your expense.  It is more important than ever not only to wear a mask and socially distance to avoid Covid-19 – but be very wary of unsolicited calls and emails to avoid getting scammed.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued 1,031 scam warnings so far this year, which is already…

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Employee Wellbeing During Lockdown image

Employee Wellbeing During Lockdown

The way companies prioritise wellbeing has changed hugely since the start of lockdown.

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Green Light For Climate Policies image

Green Light For Climate Policies

What a Biden win will mean for ESG investors

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The Path to COP26 image

The Path to COP26

In just 12 months’ time, the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP26) comes to Glasgow. The conference, organised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – will take place in Glasgow, Scotland in 2021.

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November Market Commentary image

November Market Commentary

The end of October brought plenty of bad news for Western economies as scientists stood in front of graphs and talked of ‘inexorable rises’ and ‘exponential increases.’

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Retired women could be owed millions in underpaid state pensions image

Retired women could be owed millions in underpaid state pensions

Older women are being warned that they should check for a missing ‘marriage uplift’ that could be worth £10,000 or more, following a series of mistakes. 

Under old state pension rules, there was a promise to pay married women a basic state pension worth 60% of the full rate based on their husband’s contributions if their husband’s contributions were worth more than their own.


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The impact of climate change fears on ethical investing image

The impact of climate change fears on ethical investing

As pressure mounts on governments and financial institutions to do more to combat climate change, the demand for ethical investment opportunities is on the rise. 

Triodos Bank’s annual impact investing survey has found that nearly half (45%) of investors say that they would be keen to move their money to an ethical fund as a result of news surrounding the environment. When asked, investors…

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September Markets in Brief image

September Markets in Brief

If we looked at this month's news from an objective standpoint, we'd except it to have been a rather bad one for the global economy. After all, this was a month where coronavirus continued its march around the world with US cases reaching a morbid 6 million. Japan, the world's third largest economy, recorded its biggest economic slump on record and US job growth stalled.

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Private Pension Age rises to 57 from 2028 image

Private Pension Age rises to 57 from 2028

The government has confirmed the minimum private pension age will increase from 55 to 57 in 2028.

It announced the increase back in 2014 but did not include provisions in legislation for it to be implemented.

Responding to the question, economic secretary to the Treasury John Glen said: “In 2014 the government announced it would increase the minimum pension age to 57 from 2028, reflecting…

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Take One Action's Film Festival image

Take One Action's Film Festival

Take One Action's annual Film Festival returns from 16-27 September! Taking place ONLINE for the first time in its history, the UK’s leading global change film festival offers 12 days of the most inspiring, challenging and urgent international cinema exploring social and environmental justice.

All films are fully subtitled and accessible from anywhere in the UK. Films can be booked on a…

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Developments at Ethical Futures image

Developments at Ethical Futures

Developments at Ethical Futures

Despite the easing of lockdown we are still working remotely. This has been in line with Scottish Government guidelines, in which the easing on non-essential office work only commenced on 1st August. In the past few months, we have taken a number of actions, which will both ease a return to work but also make it easier to work remotely. These include…

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Research Project – Call for volunteers image

Research Project – Call for volunteers

Research Project – Call for volunteers

At Ethical Futures we see it as part of our mission to help further knowledge and research about ethical and responsible investing.

Last year, we ran an internship and Eve, with your help, produced an excellent survey that was well received by many firms active in the sector. This year, we have our own ‘in-house’ student. Alan…

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