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At Ethical Futures we only do ethical investments. By that we mean, that when making investment recommendations, we will only consider investments and funds that adhere to some form of ethical, values led or principles based approach to selection of underlying investments.

Ethical Investments

To us, an ethical investment is something where the objective is ‘values led’ and has motives beyond simply making money. There will be an objective to at least help you avoid investing in areas that might cause you concern – such as profiting from the sale of arms or tobacco. Increasingly though, this is the first step and investments will focus on positive reasons to invest, looking at sustainability issues and industries of the future. For more information about ethical investment styles, read our white paper on the topic.

We are not moral arbiters – we don’t tell you what’s right or wrong - but we do believe that your money has the power of change and we are keen to harness it. So, that means that we have decided that we will not recommend a mainstream investment portfolio. There may well be some grey areas – but we’ll work with you to agree what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Ethical investments come in a variety of types and styles. Mainly we focus on collective investment funds, but we also use discretionary management services, as well as deposit accounts, pensions and other more specialist structures, such as VCT’s and EIS. We are comfortable, that we can address most of your financial needs with an ethically sourced solution.

For more information read our white papers, blog articles and frequently asked questions.