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Make your money
change your world

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At Ethical Futures, we use our knowledge and experience to help you use your money to meet your personal goals, whilst investing in things you believe in. By investing ethically you can make your money, change the world you live in.

Make your money
change your world

Find out how

Financial planning is about choice. It’s about having the right money, in the right hands, at the right time - so that you, and your loved ones, can live the life that you want, not the life you have to. By planning your money, you can really make your money change your world.

Make your money
change your world

Find out how

Financial planning is a journey not a destination. We know that clients will join this journey at different stages in their life, so one size doesn’t fit all. We’ve created a range of services that give you the choice as to how you engage with us.

We are open for business. Our current Covid statement is available on our blog page.

Our Services

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A service that focuses on you and your future plans. It helps you plan a course to achieve your personal financial goals.

  • Client centred
  • Strategic planning
  • Focussed on life goals
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A structured approach to review existing policies and investments.

  • Analysis & evaluation
  • Focus on features & benefits
  • Clarity on costs, ethics & performance
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Independent advice to choose the most suitable policy or investment for your needs.

  • Whole of market review
  • Product focussed
  • Ethical screening
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Our ethics

We're ethical.

At Ethical Futures we practise what we preach. After all, our company name should reflect the kind of people we are, as well as what we do. Being ethical comes naturally to us, because we believe in it. To us, it means being fair, honest and trustworthy to everyone we come into contact with - whether that’s our clients, our partners and suppliers, or our employees. 

We're responsible.

We take our responsibilities seriously. We never forget that it’s your money we're investing, not ours. That’s why we make sure you fully understand the implications of every financial decision you make, before you commit to it. We promise that we’ll never recommend you anything that you don’t need or can’t afford.

We're authentic.

We’re real people who believe in being honest and straightforward. That’s why we always try to simplify technical issues, rather than bamboozle you with industry jargon. We believe that by genuinely caring about your financial needs, we'll deliver a level of service that’ll be hard to beat.

We're approachable.

You’ll find us a welcoming bunch here at Ethical Futures. Most of our clients tell us we're easy to talk to. When you’re talking about personal finances, we think it’s helpful to be good listeners. Our first meeting is free – so that you can get to know us and we can get to know you. We don’t have minimum income or investment requirements – so don’t expect closed doors from us. Expect open minds instead.

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Our client stories

I value the annual financial review meeting with my adviser because it ensures that I set aside time to try to understand my portfolio, ask questions, listen to advice and make any necessary decisions.


I got what I wanted – pension. Should I need additional information/further services in the future there is absolutely no question where I would go to.


I grew up in South Africa – human rights, justice and fairness didn’t even feature. Just knowing that I have re-invested the money I inherited that felt like “dirty money” is hugely important to me. It has eased my conscience.


your money isn’t passive, it’s actively out there in the world, screwing up other people unless you are deliberately taking a choice not to do so.


Over the years, the recommended investments have performed well, so I am happy with the advice, very happy, that’s why I keep going back.

Jonathan & Susan

I was brought up in a family where ethical issues were a priority, especially anti-war. We lived on organic farm, I’ve always eaten organic food, it somehow all went together with that, that’s why we chose to go to Ethical Futures.

Laurie & Barbara

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