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Sandy Robertson, Director of One36 Computing

1 year with Ethical Futures
Advice service: Select

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2 children

1 year with Ethical Futures
Advice service: Select

Why did you think you needed a financial adviser? What were your expectations?
I approached Ethical Futures was because I have been poor about pension planning. I worked for a bank and it was very simple, they sorted your pension. Since I started my new business - I’ve done nothing whatsoever about pensions, that’s why we went to Ethical Futures.

My expectation was simply that we would get solid advice in terms of what levels of investment and what levels of return we could expect. I wouldn’t have a clue how to set up my own pension as it wasn’t a simple single transaction - it is complex and it’s not something I could afford to get wrong. Seeking some financial advice seemed absolutely essential in the process.

Why have you chosen EF?
I would say first and foremost it’s because of my connection with Julian. I knew with Julian it would be an ethical arrangement but to be truly honest, it wasn’t my number one factor in this; the number one factor was that it was good advice.

I got what I wanted – pension. Should I need additional information/further services in the future there is absolutely no question where I would go to.


Why is ethical investment important to you?
I like the fact that it’s ethical. It isn’t my number one priority but I am happier that it is an ethical investment.

What were your ethical criteria in choosing EF?
I certainly wouldn’t be doing things like investing in tobacco because I personally feel it’s wrong. I am very happy where we are, very happy that it is an ethical investment. However, at the end of the day performance is a number one goal, there is no point pretending otherwise. If I’d been told: "if you invest ethically you will not be able to get the returns that you are anticipating and they could be offered elsewhere" I probably would have gone elsewhere. On the like for like basis, if I am getting the same returns on an ethical basis as otherwise - very happy that it’s ethical, it is a bonus.

I can’t claim I have any consistent moral high-ground. However, I would feel uncomfortable investing in clothing retailers that use sweat shop type arrangements. I am very pro-British in terms of investment, I would rather invest in companies who source from within the UK.  Feeling to an extent you are doing the right thing while getting decent return on funds.


How did EF help you tackle your financial problems/make financial decisions/simplify your life?
I remember getting loads of paperwork to be filled in. However, I do appreciate that it is entirely reasonable for an IFA to need to know about you.  We had a VERY helpful meeting with Julian which helped much better understand what this is all about and how this could work.  It was a perfectly straightforward process, very simple.

Having face to face time and being able to to go through it helped. I didn’t understand it fully at first, but that generated questions, so the chance go through Julian’s proposal answered all the questions we had. An hour long meeting – decision made. It was really helpful, all questions answered, clear. I think it was speedy.


What benefits have you seen from using EF services? How was your experience with EF?
I got what I wanted – a pension. Should I need additional information/further services in the future there is absolutely no question where I would go to. I would absolutely unequivocally go back to ethical futures because of a positive process. I was procrastinating over setting up the pension for a long time, I am happy it’s there.

What were you able to achieve as a consequence of service provided by EF?
Do I trust the management? If it’s In Julian’s hands – yes I do!


What further goals you wish to achieve in the future?
To be able to afford to be retired, as and when it’s appropriate and enjoy it. Golf membership, maintaining a similar lifestyle.


We would like to thank Sandy for contributing his experience with us.

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